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Ethics Training

Applying Ethics online courseThe 2024 Ethics Training courses are brand new, with new content, new look, and new concepts. PAAEL contracted with Aaren Alger, past PADEP Lab Accreditation Program Chief and founder of Alger Consulting & Training LLC, to develop our On-Line Ethics Training Courses.

At the request of our membership, we have two Ethics Training Courses. Both courses follow the same basic Agenda. The courses will describe the requirements for lawful and ethical behavior related to environmental testing. The courses provide examples of:

  • Definition and explanation of ethics as it pertains to environmental laboratory testing
  • Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest
  • Appropriate and inappropriate laboratory activities related to data review and reduction, recordkeeping, reporting and training
  • Mistakes compared to intentional actions
  • Potential consequences for inappropriate behavior
  • Appropriate reporting practices when departures from accepted practices occur, when quality control protocols fail, or when questions of inappropriate actions arise.

FEES: You can register individually at $70 per person for Members or $95 per person for Non-members or you can register a group of up to ten people for $425 for Members or $650 for Non-members. Note: You must use all 10 courses within a calendar year.

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Thank you for your interest in this course. If you have any questions about the course or the association, please contact PAAEL.