Benefits of PAAEL Membership

Why you Must Join

  • PAAEL is the premier organization for Pennsylvania laboratories to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes.
  • PAAEL offers invaluable presentations from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and Water Supply Management personnel.
  • PAAEL is instrumental in providing Laboratory Management training – both in soft skills and the importance of top-down pride in quality results.
  • PAAEL is the only community that enables members to make lasting friendships and learn how to comply with laboratory audits.
  • Only PAAEL brings you a highly impactful online Ethics course, completely revamped in 2020.


Justifying Attendance at PAAEL Meetings

Make sure your justification (link your attendance goal) to include benefits for your employer:

  • land new customer
  • learn new management or analysis strategies
  • come back with up to date information on new regulations
  • know what your customers need
  • audit questions answered before and after an audit


Top 5 Reasons to Attend PAAEL Meetings

  1. Low Registration Fees
    a. Seminars: Where else can you get two jam-packed days of relevant information for under $200?
    b. Annual Convention: There is no other nearby source for three days of extremely focused learning for under $500.
  2. Networking – No other organization and meeting gives you the ability to evaluate vendors and suppliers and interface with industry experts who share your interests.
  3. Interface with Auditors – PAAEL meetings give you one-on-one access to employees of the PA DEP. Hear what has happened at other state audits and get your questions answered in a relaxed and impartial setting.
  4. Innovations – Seek answers to your laboratory challenges from peers and vendors. Boost your lab efficiency by learning about new technologies and products.
  5. Professional Development – Become a more valued asset to your organization through maintaining your credentials or earning new ones.