Manager, Quality Assurance
The Manager, Quality Assurance ensures that data results from the Bryn Mawr laboratory are accurate, defensible, and reported on-time and in the proper electronic format to the appropriate state regulatory agency. This person is responsible for the laboratory’s Quality System and its overall implementation, and for maintaining the laboratory’s accreditations. This position is responsible for managing all aspects of Aqua PA compliance monitoring for more than 120 water systems. This position oversees the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Sampling Receiving, Data Reporting, Client Services, and Project Management activities of the laboratory
Develops, directs, implements and enforces the Quality Assurance program for the Bryn Mawr laboratory. Updates the Quality Manual, a collection of essential laboratory policies and procedures to conform to the requirements of the Pennsylvania Chapter 252 regulation and the requirements of other applicable states in which the laboratory is accredited.

  • Develops and maintains expertise in laboratory accreditation programs. Responsible for obtaining and maintaining laboratory accreditations in each state where the laboratory may perform compliance testing of drinking water and/or wastewater samples.
  • Completes and submits applications for new accreditations and renewals. Manages and oversees the scheduling, ordering, and reporting of Proficiency Testing (PT) samples for maintaining lab accreditations.
  • Manages all aspects of laboratory inspections conducted by state accrediting authorities. Oversees compilation and submission of laboratory documentation to accrediting authorities upon request. Writes corrective action reports in response to deviations cited in lab inspection reports. Documents and follows up on corrective actions to prevent repeat deviations, notices of violations, fines, and revocation of accreditation.
  • Acts as a liaison with state regulators. Establishes and maintains contacts in the environmental laboratory industry through participation in technical advisory committees and professional organizations.
  • Leads the development, review, modification, approval and control of laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Administers lab training records including but not limited to Demonstration of Capability (DOCs) and Method Detection Limits (MDLs). Provides annual Ethics training and monthly technical training sessions for laboratory staff.
  • Oversees internal audits of the Bryn Mawr laboratory. Reviews findings with Director, Water Quality and lab section chiefs. Leads efforts to investigate and resolve corrective actions. Reports serious issues to the VP/Chief Environmental Officer when necessary.
  • Perform audits of Aqua laboratories in other states, and of laboratories with whom Aqua contracts for services upon request. Periodically visit locations throughout Aqua PA and provide training to operators on drinking water regulations and sampling procedures.
  • Contributes to strategic planning efforts and ensures that the Quality System and lab team are equipped to deliver comprehensive support.
  • Engages proactively in continuous process improvement, aimed at meeting customer needs, enhancing quality, and improving production efficiency.
  • Manages the development of key performance indicators that are in line with company objectives, focusing on quality, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Uses these indicators to track and manage performance.
    • Oversees these core operational functions of the laboratory
    • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), including operation, training, and development
    • Sample Receiving (Sample Management, Logistics)
    • Data Reporting (State/Federal Regulatory Reporting, Production of Data Deliverables)
    • Client Services, Project Management, and Subcontracting
  • Manages and coordinates SDWA compliance monitoring and reporting for over 120 drinking water systems in Pennsylvania and maintain knowledge of individual system permit requirements
  • Assists with Environmental Compliance/Regulatory issues. Work with State/Corporate Compliance team on new regulation implementation, lab Consumer Confidence Reports, Public Notices, lab notifications, resolving violations, and other compliance related items
  • Develop and maintain extensive knowledge and understanding in the following areas:
    • Laboratory methods, technology, capabilities and capacity
    • Advanced knowledge of LIMS capabilities and operation
    • Environmental Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Assurance
    • Regulatory Programs applicable to Aqua/Essential
    • Client specific needs and expectations
    • Subcontract laboratory capabilities and accreditation
  • Assists Director, Water Quality with management of day-to-day lab operations as needed

Contact: Lauren Hornicak,, 724-831-7914